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    Specter Builds/Solar Rail



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    Sid Corgen

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    Re: Specter Builds/Solar Rail

    Post by Sid Corgen on Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:11 am

    I had a possible Idea for weapons to use on the specters and would like to present them here for everyone to see, these seem to me like clever tricks that'll give us an unexpected edge:

    Primary- Glaxion: Mod this with Serration & Hellfire; if u potatoe it, add in Split Chamber, Wild Fire, Hammer Shot, and Rifle Aptitude, and if u Forma it (shouldn't need more then twice) add in order, Cryo Rounds and either Sinister Reach or Continous Misery (Misery would be preferred, but no enemy in the game drops it, so it's hard to get and can only be gotten from Orokin Void containers and Transmutation)

    Secodary- Acrid or Embolist: The idea behind these too is to make sure they are modded for Toxin Damage as high as possible, so they can take out the enemy past their shields. Hornet Strike and Pistol Pestilence to start, if u potatoe it, add in Pathogen Round, Barrel Diffusion, and Lethal Torrent, and if u can Forma it (or it starts with Polarities I don't know, never used the Acrid), add Stunning Speed, Sure Shot, and Perpetual Agony, for Red Veil guys using Embolist, switch out Stunning Speed with Toxic Blight.

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